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Read about Druk Khatap, Royal Crest and National Emblem of Bhutan.

Druk Khatap

Druk Khatap or the Royal Crest of Bhutan has two dragons with a thunderbolt in the center. It is the official seal and National Emblem of Bhutan too. It is circular in shape and the two dragons depicted in the emblem are framing a double diamond or crossed dorji that represents the thunderbolt or ‘vajra’. These crossed thunderbolt or ‘dorje jadram’ symbolizes the harmony and balance between secular or modern authority and religious power based in the traditional customs of the spiritual law in the country. They are surmounted by a sacred jewel placed at the top of the crest to represent the supremacy of the sovereign power in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.

The two dragons are actually thunder dragons or ‘druk’. One of them is male and the other is female and they are guarding the dorje jadram. They represent the two deities of Bhutan that are guarding the religion of the country and its people from outside forces that are inimical to them and are threatening to them. It is implied that these male and female dragons are calling out the name of the country in their thunderous voices as its protector. Lotus at the bottom of the emblem forms the base of the thunderbolts. It represents purity in Buddhism. The Royal Crest or National Emblem of the Kingdom of Bhutan is beautiful and you can take its imitation as souvenirs for your friends. You can find beautiful carvings and paintings of Druk Khatap that can be used as wall decorations too.

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