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Read about national symbols of Kingdom of Bhutan or Druk Yul.

National Symbols of Bhutan

The important national symbols of Kingdom of Bhutan or Druk Yul include its National Flag, the National Emblem, the National Anthem, the Raven Crown, the Royal Crest and the National Day along with its National Dress, Game, Animal, Bird, Flower and Tree. We present more about Bhutanese national symbols here:

Druk Khatap or the Royal Crest
Druk Khatap or the Royal Crest of Bhutan has two dragons with a thunderbolt in the center. It is the official seal and National Emblem of Bhutan too.

National Animal
The 'Dong Gyem Tsey' or Takin has been diligently chosen as the National Animal of Bhutan because it is unique, rare and native to Bhutan. It is closely associated to religious history and mythology of the country.

National Anthem
Penned by Gyaldun Dasho Thinley Dorji and composed by Aku Tongmi, 'Druk tsendhen' or 'The Thunder Dragon Kingdom' is the National Anthem of Bhutan.

National Bird of Bhutan
The Raven is the Bhutan's national bird. It represents one of the most powerful deities of the country, Jarog Dongchen. Raven is thus known in the local language as ‘Jarog’.

National Dress
‘Gho’ is the national dress for men in Bhutan. National dress for Bhutanese women is ‘Kira’.

National Flag
National Flag of Bhutan is divided diagonally with a white dragon in the center of the flag. The dragon is snarling and clutches jewels in its claws.

National Flower
Blue Poppy, the National Flower of Bhutan, is known locally as 'Euitgel Metog Hoem’. Its biological name is Meconopsis grandis.

National Game
Archery or ‘Dha’ is the national sport of Bhutan. It is an exclusively male sport but women do participate in the rituals of dancing accompanying the game and give verbal encouragements to the archers.

National Tree
Cypress or Cupressus torulosa is the National Tree of Bhutan. Locally, it is known as ‘Tsenden’. It is also referred to as Bhutan Cypress or Himalayan Cypress.

Raven Crown
Uzha Jarog Dongchen is the protective deity of the first Zhabdrung who introduced the lineage of ‘Dharma Rajas’, a lineage of reincarnating lamas. Joarog is a form of Mahakala and has a raven head and he finds a place on the head of the Bhutanese monarchy as the Royal Raven Crown of Bhutan.

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