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Eco-tourism is a new concept in the tourism industry. And among the various destinations in India the Himalayas ecotourism is the most sought after place. So here is some information on Himalayan eco tour.

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Himalayan Eco- Tour Travel

The concept of eco tourism is entirely a new side of tourism industry. Eco tourism has been developed to appreciate the natural beauty, culture and history of the environment without disturbing the eco system. It is one way creating economic opportunities for conservation of natural resources and wildlife on the other hand it is creating awareness among people to protect nature to maintain a balanced ecosystem. In India eco tourism is still at its nascent stage but due to increase awareness among people the concept is fast gaining popularity. Indian being a land of such a diverse topography offers a lot of opportunities for eco tourism. This kind of initiative not only helps to preserve the nature's resources but also awakens the human responsibility towards Mother Nature. India has a multiple source of flora and fauna. So declaration of various areas as National Park, sanctuaries has led to the growth of wildlife resources.

Among all the places in India the Himalayan eco tourism is the most visited destination. Various regions in the Himalayas are still unexplored by the people. Its varied topography is the reason for travel attraction and eco tourism. The Himalayan region stretches from Jammu and Kashmir to the northeast end of Arunachal Pradesh. The region is rich in natural resources and showcases a variety of flora and fauna. It is also the home for various rare species. Different places in the Himalayan regions have unique characteristics. Places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal, Sikkim, Assam, West Bengal, and Arunachal Pradesh has its own features, which attracts the tourist around the world, because it's difficult to see such variations in one place. It's a combination of the green and the blue. On one side such lush green mountain valleys on the other side such beautiful snow capped mountains attracts the travelers.

Himalayan Eco Tourism
Himalayas is the perfect destination for eco tourism in India. Tough Himalayas is so rich in natural resources but still due unawareness of people today Himalayan region is facing a major crisis as its natural resources have become limited. So it is our duty to maintain an eco system for the betterment of mankind and environment. But now the scenario is quite different people are realizing their responsibility towards nature, its preservation and growth. That's the reason eco tourism has become so popular in India. Especially in the Himalayan region it has gained so much of momentum. The travel operators who arrange the tour they only provide booklets on ecotourism, which guides you what to do and what not to do. Like springs and rivers should not be polluted with any harmful chemicals, you should not cut trees and plants, avoid littering of any sort, etc. The natural flora and fauna should be maintained. It is our duty to maintain the law and order than only we can establish a balance between the nature and man. So to sustain the exotic beauty of the Himalayas it is our responsibility to see that our behavior is not causing any environmental hazards or not. So next time you go on a Himalayan eco follow what the eco tourism booklet says.

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