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If you want to witness the wildlife of the Himalayas then there are national parks and sanctuaries, which captures the real essence of Himalayas beauty. Here are list of places you can visit to experience the wildlife of the Himalayas.

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Himalayan Wildlife Tour

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If you want to experience the actual flora and fauna then there is no other place on this earth than the Himalayas. Due to such varied topography Himalayas showcases some of the rare plants and endangered species of animals. Different regions have different kinds of forests and animals suited to the climatic condition of that region. In Himalayan region forests such as Teak, Sal, and Shisham are mostly seen. As the height increases the forest belts get changed. As you climb up you come across rhododendron, birch and juniper, pine, oak, deodar and fir. In higher altitudes the juniper becomes a bush. Where the tree line ends the 'Buggyals' or alpine meadows began to grow. Rare flowers are seen in plenty in the Himalayan region. In the Garhwal region lilies and potentillas gives a different look to the Himalayan beauty. If we categorize the type of vegetation found in the Himalayan region then there are four main types: temperate, alpine, tropical, and subtropical. In Outer Himalayas it is the dense tropical rain forest of oak, bamboo and chestnut, which dominates the region. At about 12, 000 feet the alpine zone begins.

The Himalayan forests are ideal for insects like bumblebees and crane flies. As you climb higher the climate becomes cool so insects have dark bodies to absorb as much heat as possible. Different types of butterflies are found in higher altitudes like apollo's, blues, vanessas, and papilios. Even at higher altitudes like above 14,000 ft tiny insects are found. The great Tibetan sheep is found here, which is world's largest sheep. They can resist temperature in scorching summer and freezing winter. Different species of mountain goat are found here like the markhor, the Ibex, and the wild goat. The yak is also found here in large number. The Tibetan blue bear, the brown bear also lives here. The wolf, the wild dog, and the hill fox are common here. Among the other animals are tiger and leopard, as well as the jungle cat, lynx, and Pallas cat. The musk deer is also found here but now it is among the endangered species. In the Terai region the animals comprises of tigers, elephants, pythons, deer, wild boar and crocodiles.

Some of the major wildlife sanctuaries and national parks where you can visit are:

  • Great Himalayan National Park
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Jim Corbett National Park
  • The Royal Chitwan Park
  • Royal Bardia National Park
You can go for wildlife safari tours, which are arranged by all travel agents even state government tourism sector also arrange various kinds of wildlife tours.

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